Addon - Jquery Mask For Phone Field

Meet new addon - jQuery mask for phone field

It solves the problem: CS-Cart Phone field is checked only after entering the number by user, and not during input. In addition, users like to write in this field all the small stuff.
Now it would be impossible!

What you will have after add-on installing:

  • - Add-on will mask all inputs with phone type on the front-end and backend
  • - The user on checkout or registration will fill phone number in required format
  • - You can specify in addon settings desired input format for a phone number
  • - All the client numbers in the database will be stored in a common format (now sending SMS messages is not a problem - it is not necessary to prepare database, SMS will reach for all users !!!)
  • - You make a code of your pages more cleaner (uncheck extra kilobytes of telephone area codes for all countries in the world)

Attention: after addon installing it requires a change in one CS-Cart file (detailed instructions will be available after installing in your admin panel)

This addon also works with Quick order in 1 click by phone, hanging on the mask for input of form.