Addon "html5 Product Designer" By Alt-Team.

Dear Friends,

We are glad to introduce you our new big Cs-Cart add-on "HTML5 Product Designer".

Video on youtube. HTML5 Product Designer for CS-Cart.

It is built on HTML5 and this factor has a great influence on its page load speed. The add-on "HTML5 Product Designer" works fast and doesn't have any noticeable impact on website performance.

Its logic and user-friendly storefront interface will encourage your customers to be designers and customize the products through your online store. If you sell products with custom design, it is a must-have CS-Cart add-on for your e-commerce business.

This amazing rich-featured CS-Cart product customizing tool allows customers to make their own design by choosing color, size, text, clipart, photo and buy the customized product through an online store on Cs-Cart.

Price - USD 820

Administrator can:

* create categories for cliparts and upload them;

* create categories for different fonts and upload them;

* create a palette of colors that will be used for text and cliparts;

* edit the custom design made by a customer on order details page.

On the product editing page Administrator can:

* set some specific product side images (front, back, etc.);

* specify different product side images for option variants;

* specify the drawing area (canvas) and dimensions for this area;

* set up more than one canvas per a product side;

* set a cost per character or per line for the text fields;

* set a cost per square centimeter or per size for a customer's photo;

* set a cost per item for photos;

* set up printing discounts on the design elements used;

* set up the initial design for a product;

* choose the color palette used for text, cliparts and background color;

* set up the availability of the design tools (alignment, order, flip, rotation and other tools).

Customers will be able to:

* add/edit text, change text font, size and color;

* add cliparts, change clipart size and color;

* upload and use their own images;

* save their designs (on the product page, in "My account" section) and edit the saved design;

* edit the design after adding a product to the cart.


* administrator is able to generate .png and .svg images for printing. Please, note! Svg files not compatible with Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw.


* The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart 4.x.

User Guide for HTML5 Product Designer add-on for CS-Cart.


[attachment=12279:HTML5 Product Designer admin settings.jpg]

[attachment=12280:HTML5 Product Designer admin.jpg]

[attachment=12281:HTML5 Product Designer storefront 2.jpg]

[attachment=12282:HTML5 Product Designer storefront 3.jpg]

[attachment=12283:HTML5 Product Designer storefront.jpg]

If you have any questions, we are glad to answer.

Best regards, Alt-team.

Витрина новый дизайнер.wmv

HTML5 Product Designer admin settings.jpg

HTML5 Product Designer admin.jpg

HTML5 Product Designer storefront 2.jpg

HTML5 Product Designer storefront 3.jpg

HTML5 Product Designer storefront.jpg

Dear Friends,

We haven't posted here news about the Product Designer add-on updates for a long time!

At the moment you can download the latest version of this addon here.

Here is a changelog of HTML5 Product Designer tool!

Scaling of large photos was stored incorrectly. Fixed.

The ability to activate the “Personalize product” button on the product details page was added.
The designer interface in administration area was updated.
Generating of PDF document was added to the order details page in the administration area.
The ability to change line spacing for text was added.
The ability for customers to save the created design to PC in the storefront was added.
A tool for removing the white background from a photo was added.
The taxed price was not shown on mobile devices. Fixed.
The ability to remove customer photos was added.
The upgrade functionality was added.

The problem with fonts loading on ios was fixed.
The ability to add smiles on mobile devices was disabled.
The price in the tooltip was incorrect for some design elements. Fixed.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

"Sticker" product mode was added.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask!

Best regards,


tool for removing white background, where is this please

Go to HTML5 Product Designer settings on the editing page in admin panel -> Tool Settings.

Tick the line "Enable white background removal tool for photos:"

[attachment=12781:Remove the white background.png]

[attachment=12782:Remove the white background admin.png]

Best regards,


Remove the white background.png

Remove the white background admin.png

Dear Friends,

An updated version of CS-Cart Product Designer tool is already available in our store.

Check new features on demo.

Storefront demo
Login: Password: customer

Administration panel
Login: Password: admin

The list of changes:

  • Generating of printable images was improved.
  • The ability to choose the background color for generated images was added.
  • The ability to generate the design with the product side image was added.
  • The ability to use curved text was added.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Some screenshots:

If you have any questions, you are welcome to Skype - Altteam or contact us at email:

Best regards,


Anyone else having problems with customer reporting "unable to load font" works fine for me, and the customer I have asked dont know what browser they are using

Anyone else having problems with customer reporting "unable to load font" works fine for me, and the customer I have asked dont know what browser they are using

Ok 2 of my customer reported the are using Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Edge HTML or Microsoft Version 11.228.17134.0

confirmed that the demo site or my live site does not allow fonts to be loaded if using edge. Tell your customers to switch browsers as a short fix. Im using cart powers addon "pop up notifications" to inform my customers about this for now.

but he also offers a free version


Good day,

Recently the new CS-Cart version (4.10) has been released. Many HTML5 Product Designer users decided to upgrade the CS-Cart to new version.

We promptly prepared for the major changes in the CS-Cart (4.10) core and released the updated version of our popular HTML5 Product Designer tool.

If there are products with options in your online store and these options are used for the products side image changes in the HTML5 Product Designer add-on, the following information for you. Read it carefully.

There are 3 cases that connected with the HTML5 Product Designer working process when you upgrade the CS-Cart store to 4.10 version.

  1. 1. The online shop products are built on the options, not on the option combinations. When you upgrade the store to CS-Cart 4.10 version, you will have no problems. Everything is going to be fine. No mistakes occur.
  2. 2. The online shop products are built on option combinations. After the upgrade process to CS-Cart 4.10, the system will recommend you to convert all option combinations to variations. As you do it, the options will be changed to features and HTML5 Product Designer won’t work properly. To fix it, you have to assign the images to the product variations manually on each editing product page in the admin panel. It’s your choice whether to convert the option combinations to variations or to leave it as it is.
  3. 3. If you have variations in the earlier CS-Cart versions, you have to convert it into the new type of product variations after the upgrade process. And, as in the case above, you have to assign images of the product sides to variant features of the product on each editing product page in the admin panel.

You can take the updated version of HTML5 Product Designer module on the download page in your account on our website

If you have any questions about the HTML5 Product Designer add-on for CS-Cart 4.10 version, please, contact us.

Best regards,

Quick questions,

I have installed the AMP addon which strips out the html to basic.

Can anythihg be done to stop the warning google generates and shows the page unable to be loaded for AMP or do we just live with it and google will eventually drop it