Addon: "Guest Checkout by Default" for CS-Cart.

Happy Friday!

New Cs-Cart add-on "Guest Checkout by Default " has been released!

If you want to reduce the number of steps on checkout, this add-on can help you.

If this add-on is installed in your Cs-Cart shop, the customer, who is not signed in, will be considered as a guest automatically and he will jump the first step "Please sign in" on checkout.

Price is USD 9.

UPDATE. May 26, 2020

The add-on is taken off the market.

In case you need this feature, please contact us.


The add-on "Guest Checkout by Default " works correctly in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera latest browser versions. The add-on is compatible with Cs-Cart 4.x (including 4.2.x. versions).

Best regards, Alt-team.

Thanks for this one.

Dear Onkel_Sid,

You are welcome.

Best regards, Alt-team.

Dear Friends!

Update released!

"Guest Checkout by Default" add-on is compatible with CS-Cart v.3 now.

If you have any questions, we are ready to answer them via or here.

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Does this addon allow users who have registered in the past to checkout as guest even if their email/info matches a registered user?

I'd like to have the user account area on the shop for those who wish to create an account - but by checkout just have guest checkout since if they haven't signed in by that stage they can just checkout as a guest (or login via the account dropdown block).

Currently CS-Cart blocks a guest from checking out if their email address already exists - forcing them to login / reset their forgotten password and it's a big problem.

I'm looking for a way to allow guests to checkout without being prompted or error messaged that their details already exist.