Addon: Ez Variable Commissions

Are you an MVE store owner who wants more flexibility in vendor commissions? If so, then this is the product for you.

You can now set commissions based on categories or individual products. This will change the commission rate from the rate used in their vendor plan to the one specified for the category or product for that product only. You can even use it to force who gets commissions on specific categories or products.

The EZ Variable Commissions addon can be tuned to meet your business needs. By default, it will adjust the 'payout' to vendors if a category or product is managed by the EZ Variable Commissions addon (can be turned off in addon settings if so desired). Alternatively, you can provide a default commission to be used on a per vendor basis. This essentially overrides the commission used the the vendor plan for categories/products nto managed by the addon. This would allow you to have multiple vendors in a single vendor plan (maybe the free plan for instance) but to have different commission rates to apply.

When the addon is installed, all vendors are imported into the addon (we refer to them as affiliates). You can setup affiliates that are not vendors or if you have the Suppliers addon enabled, you can also import Suppliers. Upon import, the affiliate default commission is that which was set in their vendor plan. this can be changed at any time.

You can do monthly reports by order/product for each affiliate. Hence you can get a better picture of exactly what vendor products are selling. You can then mark a range of items as Paid after you make payment to your affiliates (vendors). Flexible search criteria for filtering/sorting the tracking data is provided and there is an option to export to CSV for your long-term off-site record keeping.

The Documentation is located here.

The Product Detail page is here.

And the Marketplace listing is here.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or drop an email to support at

We've further extended this addon (in addition to variable product/category commissions) to allow specifying commissions for:

+ shipping_cost

+ shipping_freight

+ payment_surcharge

By default they inherit the rate from the vendor plan when the vendor is imported. But they can be changed/adjusted to meet your needs. Recommended would be:

shipping_cost = 100%

shipping_freight = 0

payment_surcharge = 0

So other than the plan subscription charge, the plan transactions can be completely replaced by this addon to offer you greater flexibility. Setting the optional "update vendor payout" option, will sync the two addons as it relates to accounting.

Hello, is there a version of vendor commission which can be used for the Multi-store version of CS-cart (not multi-vendor), in other words a way to deduct commission from sales made by shop owners?

The EZ Variable Commissions addon is geared toward multi vendor (MVE) but can also be used in cs-cart or cs-cart ultimate. Our EZ Product Commissions addon will do essentially the same thing. For non-MVE sites, the only real difference is that the Variable Commissions product will support Suppliers while the Product Commissions addon will not.

Both share much of the same core code but are targeted at different markets. It was origianally developed to support paying commissions on products for things like artwork, digital photography, etc. but has been extended to supoort Vendors and Suppliers in MVE.

There is an option that I would suggest NOT enabling right now and that is to update the vendor plan payouts with the commissions. We haven't yet had time to investigate recent changes to the Vendor Plans addon. But if you want separate accounting (outside of Vendor Plans) it will work well and gives you much more flexibility on what is commissioned to vendors and what's not.

The docs are here.

Why is it that your EZ Variable Commissions Add-on no longer in the CS-Cart Marketplace?

Would it already been Deprecated?

Yes it has been. If you are a current customer for the product you should have been notified. For non MVE environemnts, you should use EZ Product Commissions which is the same addon without MVE support.

We are using the latest MVE and EZ Variable Commissions is one of the Add-on we have in the list to purchase. But since you said it has been deprecated. This means there's should be an upgraded version to replace the EZ Variable Commissions add-on right?

Yes, you would use our EZ Vendor Plans Plus addon ( More functionality and greater flexibility.

Yes, you would use our EZ Vendor Plans Plus addon ( More functionality and greater flexibility.

Thanks tbirnseth.. will get in touch once we get to the point of configuring this functionality.