Addon: Ez Tax Reporting

Just in time for that most happy time of year!

We now provide tax reporting for cs-cart.

View tax collections by order, jurisdiction, date range, etc.

Columns shown are:

- Order ID

- Order Date

- Tax Jurisdication

- Taxable amount

- Tax Rate

- Tax Collected

And for MVE, 2 additional columns are provided:

- Seller Of Record (default Vendor)

- Notification (default Merchant)

When used with our upcoming TaxJar Integration, SOR and Notification will be set appropriately based on which TaxJar account was updated with the tax transaction.

A tax summary is also shown for total tax collected and tax collected by jurisdiction.

All reports can be exported to CSV so you can keep quarterly and annual listings of all tax collected.

Product detail page is at

Once approved in marketplace:

Tax info is recorded in a separate table. You can export order tax information by tax year so you can generate reports on those years. New order tax data is updated immediately.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our EZ TaxJar Integration coming in the next few weeks.

New release of EZ Tax Reporting that includes taxable amount summary by jurisdiction.