Addon: Ez Cost Based Pricing And Profit Reporting

EZ Merchant Solutions announces our latest V4 addon EZ Cost Based Pricing.


Many businesses base their pricing models on cost (versus price). By default, cs-cart does not account for cost and can neither set pricing based on cost nor can it identify order profit.
This addon allows you several key features:

  • Set product cost via the Admin UI or via CSV import
  • Set product retail pricing (usergrup_id = 0) via CSV import
  • Set product retail pricing and usergroup pricing via CSV import
  • Set product pricing for all items in a category that have a product cost from CSV import.
  • Show item cost/profit on admin orders.detail screen.for items with cost
  • Show total order cost/profit on admin orders.detail screen for all items in the order that have a cost established.

All data in CSV’s are assumed to be incremental additions to cost. I.e. the following types of ‘values’ are allowed for the various columns in the csv.

  • Any decimal number (123 or 123.99) can be used as an absolute value.
  • Any decimal number followed by a percent sign (%) will apply that percentage to the cost. I.e. 20.25% for an item with a cost of 10.00 would have a price for this column calculated to $12.25.
  • Negative values can theoretically be used but who wants to sell below cost?

Product details:
Marketplace page (once approved): EZ Cost Based Pricing
Documentation: cost_basis.pdf

Screen shots are available in the documentation.

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its will calculate on sales reports ?

No, sorry, it is not integrated into the Sales reports. It will show profit on the order details page for the order and of course it tracks the cost versus price in the product detail admin pages.