Addon : Endicia Shipping Label

Hello Friends,
We are glad to announce the release of our new add-on Endicia Shipping Label Integration for CS-Cart.
Features :
  • -> Well integrated with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.
    -> Both Admin and vendor can generate shipping labels.
    -> Option to generate labels in bulk for various shipments.
    -> Functionality to check Endicia account status and all transactions at admin end.
    -> Admin can add Endicia postage directly from the CS-Cart backend.
    -> Functionality to view Endicia transactions at vendor end.
    -> Option to change Endicia passphrase directly at admin end.
Back End View :
Create Shipment via USPS :
Generate Shipment Label :
To print labels in bulk :
Add Postage from Admin Panel Itself

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We would be happy for any comment and suggestion.

Thank You

This mod will end up costing you more in shipping than it could possible save you in time. You cannot select what level of shipping you want to use nor can you adjust the weight. I will explain:

1. There are several different levels of priority mail mostly determined by the size of the package like Small Flat Rate, Medium Flat Rate, Large Flat Rate, Flat Rate Envelope...This addon will only allow you to use parcel which will totally throw off the cost of the label.

2. It only takes into account the weight of the product and and doesn't allow you to adjust the weight unless you go in each time you create a shipment and adjust the weight of the items in the order. So it does not account for the box itself if it is your own box or the weight a packing material and any promotional materials you add to the package. This would cost allot of money in adjustment fees from Endicia. This would be more time consuming than creating labels manually.

I have pointed this out to Webkul and they agree this is the way it works.