Addon Does Not Works Fine If Vendor Privleges Are On.


My addon works fine when the vendor privileges are disabled. But when i enable the vendor privilege addon and inside user groups set the add on privileges to full access for my addon.

Then on vendor panel the place on top and central section of tabs where i have set the addon button is gone not visible. But when i disable the vendor privileges it works fine.

I have 2 files in schemes and

Both files have return $schemas.

Can someone tell me how to fix it and also tell what code required to change.
Also, Please teach me how to write these files or how i can read the with meaning So that I can be able to make changes as my requirements.

Thanks and regards.

Both files have return $schemas.

Please make sure that

return $schema;

is used instead of

return $schemas;


Before changing the code the plus / add sign was not coming. Please check the Before.png image in attachments.

Then I make tthe changes in the code described Below also there is return $schema also there written in my file.

$schema['controllers']['addon_name'] = array (
'permissions' => 'manage_addon_name',

]['table']['addon_name'] = true;

I have added the last line in above code.

I have taken Code from and added in my file.

Then The output of the code is provided in Between.png image.

After that now Plus sign is coming. But the problem is it works only once. I mean when I click the plus/add button and provided the data and hit save button and come back to my list page then no add button is there.
The image is also attached for this by name After.png .

Please provide me help.




Please provide us with the full code of your .post.php files

$schema['addon_name'] = array(
'permissions' => array('GET' => 'view_addon_name', 'POST' =>
'modes' => array(
'delete' => array(
'permissions' => 'manage_addon_name'
['addon_name'] = 'manage_addon_name';

return $schema;


Inside the vendor_post.php

$schema['controllers']['addon_name'] = array (
'permissions' => true,

['param_permissions']['table']['addon_name'] = true;

return $schema;

I do not see any problems. Detailed examination is required

On my vendor panel I am displaying an addon. As I have made corresponding files i.e. in permission folder and both the file name and code inside it are mentioned in above reply.

As I am able to get my addon visible on both admin and vendor panel.

Current scenario is:-
When I click my addon on vendor tab. the dispatch is addon.manage Here as no data is found in database so Is empty. Also there is an add button also below the search bar. On clicking it, a template opens. Inside this template user fill the data and hit save button.
Now we again click on our addon button from the central tab. We again came to dispatch=addon.manage
here my newly added data is displayed. But now add button which is supposed to be below search bar is not been visible anymore.
It got hidden and now the user is not able to enter any data. This is what I means by add button works only once.

I want to know how to detect and why this caused. As i want to make this add button permanent for vendors. So that they can enter n numbers of data in it.

Also, I have provided the code and images in above reply.

Please help.

I want to know how to detect and why this caused. As i want to make this add button permanent for vendors. So that they can enter n numbers of data in it.


This is what the real problem is and i am still facing it.

I have send the exact code and related images for you to get what is the problem.
Please help.

I would think that an addon named 'addon_name' is inappropriate. Maybe you should replace that with the actual id of the addon? I.e. 'my_changes', 'my_addon', etc.