Addon: Discount Plans

EZ Merchant Solutions announces our newest addon Discount Plans.

Similar to how normal quantity pricing works, this addon can apply a single named “discount plan” to multiple products. Additionally, a “plan” can be assigned to a category and all products within that category can be assigned to that plan.

Note that this these are “Discount Plans”, not “Pricing Plans”. So the values you add are the amount to discount, not the price. Discounts are specified in the discount tables as either an actual amount or a percentage. I.e. 3.03 or 4%.

All products in the cart with the same “plan” have their quantities summed together to determine the discount to apply to each product.

Main features:

  • Discount Plans are managed by name and assigned to products
  • All products within a cart that belong to the same Discount Plan will have the total quantity of those products used to determeine the discount for each product.
  • Plans can be adjusted independent of products so a plan can be changed and affect all products that are assigned to that plan without having to edit the products individually.
  • Discount Plans will replace (override) any quantity pricing setup for a product that has a discount plan associated with it.
  • Even though information is specified as a discount, customers will continue to see information as quantity prices.
  • Compatible with all versions of cs-cart V2.x.
  • No modification to core files.

    Documentation can be viewed at…count_plans.pdf or in the the attachments area of the product detail page. Screen shots are available in the documentation.

    Product detail page is at:…ount-plans.html

    Pricing is $49.99.

    As always, if you are not satisfied or it doesn't meet your specific needs, we offer a money back guarantee within a reasonable time from purchase.

This would be a good addon for customers like me who have customised clothing. We have price breakdowns for say an embroidered fleece of 10, 20 , 50, 100.

and then we will have a price breakdown for embroidered polo shirts of 10, 20, 50, 100

and we get a lot of customers buying 100 fleeces and also 100 polo shirts at the same time and asking for more discount as they have bought 200 items not just 100.

I assume this will allow us to set the plan for this group of products to be discounted. (I know we cam set certain promotions to acheive something like this but it is a very long winded process with the amount of items we have)

Thanks Tony


Yes John. If you have both your fleeces and polo shirts in Discount Plan 'A' and the customer has 100 of each in the cart then they will get a discount on quantity 200 if the discount plan is setup that way.

On a separate note, I am going to redo things slightly from what current docs say. Right now, discounts are merged with the quantity pricing. The problem is that I have no way of knowing exactly which pricehas been applied so when I go to update all the items with the same plans, I do it on the discount plan price, not other quantity pricing. This could lead to price variation as the customer sees it which would be a bad thing.

So I'm going to implement it to use usergroups just like the quantity pricing and then have any product that uses a discount plan replace the pricing info effectvely ignoring the quantity pricing and using the discount plan setup for that product.

Modified the addon to have Discount Plans replace Quantity Pricing. All the same features such as user groups are supported. So this effectively becomes a replacement for Quantity Pricing which allows you to manage plans separately and assign a plan to multiple products versus managing the quantity pricing schedule for each individual product.

Saves a ton of time when managing pricing.

Documentation has been updated and new version is now available.

Hi tbirnseth,

I normally use Quantity Pricing to determine individual prices for each user group. So, all quantities in these settings are “1” and each user group price is entered manually. But the uncool part is that I have to do this for every single product in the store.

By using your addon is it possible to define i.e. -10% for usergroup1 and -%5 for usergroup2 and achieve the same outcome like the Quantity Pricing? Of course each discount should be defined for the whole store. If I set the quantities to 1 for each usergroup discount, I guess it will not show the discount table on the product details page, same as the standart Quantitiy Discounts.

If this is the case I will purchase the addon right away.

Sure, simply define a discount plan (say “planA”) with:

quantity = 1

discount = 10%

usergroup_id =


quantity = 1

discount = 5%

usergroup_id =

If a user is a member of usergroup1 they will get 10% off the “price” of the item and if they are not a member of usergroup1 but are a member of usergroup2 then they will get 5% off the “price” of the item and if not in any usergroup, they will get the standard pricing for quanity 1 (I.e. a discount item of:

quantity = 1

discount = 0

usergroup_id = ALL

Hope this clarifies for you.

But I still have to define the plan in the product details admin page… Or the category admin page. Right?

Is it not possible to apply this plan to the whole store? Regardless of the category or product.

You “define” the plan in the addon.

You “assign” the plan in the product detail and/or category detail add-on tab.

The documentation clearly shows the screen shots for where plans are defined and the add-ons area of both a product and a category where the plan is selected and assigned.

Thanks tbirnseth, I'll give it a shot.

[quote name='tbirnseth' timestamp='1326658862' post='129411']

Sure, simply define a discount plan (say “planA”) with:

quantity = 1

discount = 10%

usergroup_id =


quantity = 1

discount = 5%

usergroup_id =

If a user is a member of usergroup1 they will get 10% off the “price” of the item and if they are not a member of usergroup1 but are a member of usergroup2 then they will get 5% off the “price” of the item and if not in any usergroup, they will get the standard pricing for quanity 1 (I.e. a discount item of:

quantity = 1

discount = 0

usergroup_id = ALL

Hope this clarifies for you.


I purchased and installed the addon. On the “New Plan” page in admin, I can only see 1 line to define the user group. So “the plan” is only for one usergroup. I cannot figure out how to make such a setup like you did above and define discounts for multiple user groups within one single plan.

Quantity and Usergroups are pairs, just like in the standard quantity pricing. So for each usergroup, you have one or more quantities.

So you'd end up with:







If customer is in group2, they will get a 20% discount and if they're in group1 they get 10% discount and if in neither, they get no discount.

Regarding only 1 usergroup being selectable… Are you sure you have them defined? I see multiple groups just fine on this end.

Please contact me via email at (remove X's) so you can give me access to your site to figure out what's going on.

Maybe I couldnt express myself correctly. By saying “only 1 usergroup being selectable”, I mean only on the first line of the plan there is the usergroup dropdown. For other quantity/discount definitions below the first one, there is no dropdown, making it impossible to select a usergroup for the discount definitions below the first one. Please check the screenshot in my previous post. Is that different than what you see at your side?

As I said before, it works just like the quantity pricing screen. Simply click the + (plus sign) and a new line will open up and another selector of usergroups will appear.

Thanks tbirnseth for your help and effort on bug fixing this addon. It now works like a charm and exactly what I was looking for…

Thank you for your patience and clarifications. New products always seem to come in conflict with a store's data or configuration. Glad we were able to get the issues addressed and resolved so that it works well for you.

Hello I wonder if this add-on solves my problem.

I need a minimum 2 user groups

The first group called End User must pay exactly twice or three times the second group called TRADE.

TRADE group should have several types of discounts:

Buying more than 10 units of the same product in category X gets 10% discount only for this product.

Buying more than 25 units of the same product category and get 5% discount only for this product …

Buying more than 3 units of the same product of the category Z gets 3% discount only for this product.

If the total purchase amount exceeds 2000 dollars you get an additional 6% discount.

I will appreciate an answer.

Best regards.

Discounts work off of products. You can apply a discount plan to all products in a category, but it is really just a shortcut to assigning a discount plan to a product.

You want to discount a larger percent for purchasing 10 units than you do for purchasing 25? Why would I buy 25 then rather than 3 sets of 10?

If you are familiar with how the quantity pricing works in cs-cart, the discount plans work pretty much the same except that you are apply a plan to one or more products versus entering the quantity pricing table for each product. This also makes it much easier to manage when you change prices. It also uses discounts off the configured quantity-1 price for usergroup 0 (the price field on the item detail page) versus setting a fixed price. So if you change the price, all the discounts will apply to the new price. You can discount by absolute $$ or by percentage.

Each user group (or all, including none) can have a discount assigned based on the quantity of items purchased that have the same discount plan assigned. So if a user purchases 10 X and 10 Y and both X & Y have discount plan ABC applied to them then the user will get whatever is setup for quantity 20 in disccount plan ABC. V3 supposedly adds this capability and will adjust this addon to the new methodology once V3 is released and I feel it's a stable product.

There is no way to state discounts in terms of dollar amount purchased. It is done by producct quantities.


Cs-cart for: v2,015 and v1.3.5sp4

Category category will

A Category, all products, sample:

3 qty - 09.00$ %10 discount

5 qty - 08.00$ %15 discount

10 qty - 07.00$ %20 discount

B Category, all products,sample:

3 qty - 30.00$ %10 discount

5 qty - 27.00$ %15 discount

10 qty - 22.00$ %20 discount

I want this way, how it works in your module

I believe all your questions are answered above or in the documentation at


There is a problem. I do not know how we will describe.

A plan to impose a category

The first - a product in a category receive 5 units

Secondly - I’m getting the same category in a different product than 5 units

but to me you have a discount over 10 pieces.

adds the number of units on the purchase of a second product in the same category.

Will you do an update about it?



A discount scheme = (A category 5 pcs-10% discount / 10pcs-20% discount) Apply

A category - A product - 5 pcs - Added to cart 10% discount

B product - 5 pcs - Added to cart 10% discount should be (but, why, is 20% discount)

adds the numbers on each other :)

I would appreciate if you respond?