Addon - Delaying Paypal Pro processing until shipment


We’ve been running a store using Yahoo Merchant Services for a number of years and finally we’re about to release a completely overhauled site using CS-Cart. One of the things that CS-Cart isn’t allowing us to do is to have the level of control over “authorizing” vs “processing” credit card transactions that we’re used to with the Yahoo version of the store. We need to be able to delay credit card processing until shipment for a variety of reasons (including out of stock or insufficient inventory and customers changing their orders), but mainly because customers don’t want to be charged for something until it ships. We’re using Paypal Pro as our payment processor. Through the forums I’ve found the code for setting the order status to “open” instead of “processed”, as well as sending “Authorization” instead of “Sale” to Paypal. While this allows us to manually “process” or capture funds on Paypal’s site it isn’t a particularly elegant or integrated solution. Ideally we want to be able to handle all of the capturing of funds and “processing” from CS-Cart. I’ve attached a still showing what the Yahoo order interface looks like.

Here is a “checklist” of what we need the addon to do:

1 - Authorize the charge at the time of purchase, but delay processing the transaction (using CS-Cart) until the order is actually shipped.

2 - Allow us to authorize the customer’s card at the time of purchase, then through CS-Cart allow us to modify the order before their card is actually charged, then charge or process their credit card through CS-Cart with the revised total.

3 - Display a clear indication of whether a customer’s card has been charged or not as well as the amount that has been charged. This is mainly to make sure we don’t screw up and forget to process the card before shipping.

I have gotten a quote from CS-Cart for doing this, but was wanting to see what others would charge for making this addon. Thanks.

Andrew Smith


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Thanks for the reply Noman.


You can set a credit card processor to do “preauth” in Administration > Payment methods (edit the Credit Card method).

Edit or complete orders in Orders > View orders, click on the order number then, just under the “Viewing order #XXXX” click on “Edit order”. This will allow you to run through the order, add and edit products and process the payment.


Did you develop the solution you describe in your first post? Would you be willing to resell it?