Addon code to sync Cs-cart users to mailchimp list

Hi Cs-carters,

Check out this addon code for syncing cs-cart users to a mailchimp list.

Was sick of uploading csv user files to my mailchimp account, so wrote this addon code.

This runs daily as a cron job and creates subscribers in mailchimp who joined in the last 24 hrs.

Addon code to sync Cs-cart users to Mailchimp




Tanks This addon nice for me

but I have litte problem

Batch Subscribe failed!


msg :Invalid MailChimp List ID: Deneme


pls help me what is wrong ?

I write api key and list name(Deneme)

am I another write anything ?

Hi Global,

Thanks for checking out the addon.

The one you are using is not the ListID, check the screenshot attached, I have highlighted the ListID.




I dont fint this image on my mailchimp acound

I have 1 acound and 5 List ID (Deneme= my test id )

And another problem my order status chance dont send mail my cutomer email

tank you …

See the screenshot attached.

For order status change to send emails, configure it from orders → order statuses → edit order status-name → check notify customer


I think I make add true

My chimp Acound an display different

I dont know how add images this mesaj box

my email order statuses before is good run now is problem

Yes global your mailchimp shows differently, no idea on this.

Do some research or contact mailchimp support on how to get ListID.

Thank you for your interest

thanks for share. 8)

Thanks for sharing! I used your code to get all subscribers into mailchimp, not all clients.

Therefor I've changed the database query. People wanting to do the same:


$user_array = db_get_array('SELECT user_id,title,firstname,lastname,email FROM ?:users WHERE user_type = "C" AND timestamp > ?i', $since_timestamp) ;


$user_array = db_get_array('SELECT, cscart_users.firstname, cscart_users.lastname FROM cscart_users RIGHT JOIN cscart_subscribers ON = WHERE cscart_subscribers.timestamp > ?i', $since_timestamp) ;

in the mailchimp.php file


Nice to know it worked well for you, I was under the impression that no one used it :P

Will this also work in version 4 of CS-Cart?

To answer my own question. Yes, it does !

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To answer my own question. Yes, it does !


Did you have to do anything different to make it work with 4.0.2? I can't get to work.

Thank you


Sorry. I thought i had it working, but it turns out i was wrong.

If anyone with some coding skills could take a look at this and figure out what needs to be changed, it would be great. This is a very useful addon, and it works great on 3.0.6, but obviously needs some tweaking to work in 4.0.2.

have we got any news for the ver 4?

I have released it as a commercial addon Cs-cart Bells and Whistles Addon

Apart from Mailchimp this addon contains other features like :

[size=4]Email Log [/size]

[size=4]Order Listing - Backend[/size]

[size=4]Display Customer nth order number on Order detail page - Backend[/size]

Search customers by phone number - Backend

Search orders by product name - Backend

So, should be a good bargain.


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What do you mean ?

Deleted my response to the post as you have already addressed the update for CS-Cart 4.