Addon: ClickDesk Live Chat & Help Desk


ClickDesk recently released a free live chat & help desk addon for cs-cart.

ClickDesk provides a wonderful combo of fastest live chat, voice chat, help desk & social toolbar for websites and online stores.

Visitors live chat or call from your store. You respond on your IM.

[media]ClickDesk Wonderful Combo - live chat, help desk, voice chat & social toolbar for websites - YouTube

You can download the free cs-cart live chat addon and read the setup instructions are here

Woooo! :shock: I like! :-o

Ha! I wonder if it's a coincidence that I was chatting with them about this some months ago, and they never heard of cs-cart.

Glad to see this, it's a nice little program for people who are not ready to take on something like zendesk…

Live2Support which is a leading live chat has now developed live chat add-on for CS Cart. Now CS Cart users can integrate Live2Support live chat feature with CS Cart E-commerce store to support customers in real time.

@Live2Support - really bad style to spam another developer/company's post with your own advertisement just so you can capitalize on another's search results.

Live2support, you should have really started your own thread.

Hi guys,

I tried their addon with my current MV4.0.3 store but unfortunately the addon is not being displayed in the “Manage addons” list.

Though I've contacted them and they are yet to answer, so till that time has anyone experienced similar problems.

I found ClickDesk to be very stellar as a chat application and Live2Support to be actually quite subpar. There's a comprehensive review on free help desk software at business-software that I ran across (no affiliation). It can be found here. It mentions ClickDesk as a great alternative. Also, as far as help desks go it mentions Freshdesk and Helprace among others. All with generous trial plans as well as free plans that any business owner can sign up on without looking at that “ticking clock” of the trial plan. Don't see a free plan at live2support, and don't see a well-made product, either…

The clickdesk "add on" seems to extract the files to the wrong folders. I could not add it from the backend of cs cart, i had to upload it and extract it. It still didn't show up. after an hour of very frustrating chat support with them it still does not work. I guess i'll move on to testing live2support...unless someone knows how to make clickdesk work.