Addon By Webkul: PayUMoney Payment Gateway

Hi Community,

We are glad to introduce an addon PayUMoney Payment Gateway

Short Description:

This payment gateway extension is useful in carrying out secure payments. It provides safe transactions and protects customer-sensitive data. This extension works with all types of cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and many more.


  • Admin can integrate PayUMoney Payment Gateway into the CS Cart site.

  • Admin has to provide Details Provided by PayUMoney for making Payment.

  • Besides this any user/customer can make a payment.

  • Moreover automatic currency converter according to admin currency.

  • Admin can choose to save details to save in response from PayUMoney.

  • Also helps minimize costs and risks.

  • PayUMoney is verified by Visa & Master Card Secure Code enabled gateway.

You can buy this add-on from here

You can check the live demo here

In case of any queries or concerns, kindly visit us

I can confirm they are @webkul is worst developer for cs-cart, they built non fully operational addons and they ask for money to fix their own errors, for instance I was testing their demo Extended Catalogue addon and it failed to work as they advertise on all subcategories. I asked why and they told to pay if I need that fix. Further more , once you enable that function on categories , you cannot undo it until you disable the addon. Elastic search addon is a total mess, working randomly and only on very old cs-cart versions, their demo is really outdated, they told that it will take months to fix it.

@mircea1122 We are sorry for your inconvenience, however, as per our chat history, we have assisted you with all your queries. We even scheduled a call to clarify the doubts.
Also, we did not ask for the money to fix any errors until it was a customization point. Kindly do not write false statements to defame us.
We request you discuss your concerns on our support system and clear out the doubts amicably. I hope you are doing well.
Due to some misunderstanding, we had faced issues in the past, however, I believe we have worked on your project well and you are happy with the work. I request you please remove this statement from the forum page.

You asked for money so you can fix your own addon problems. I don’t see any statement on your website saying that it works only on first 2 subcategories.

Further more, another issues shows up when you activate and enable extended catalogue mode for certain categories. If you disable extended catalogue mode for the one category and save, all enabled ‘extended catalogue mode’ subcategories by your add will still remain activated which is totally abnormal, so you asked again for money to fix your addon.

What you should do is to mention all this problems on you selling page “the addon affects only on first 2 subcategories, if you need it enabled on more subcategories you have to pay X amount of money” and this note “Once you enable extended catalogue mode for one category, if you want to disable it, you will have to manually disable every subcategory extended catalogue option that was initial enabled by our addon. You can pay for customization and we will solve it”. Make this notes so people know what they buy.