ADDON: Bulk status change

EZ Merchant Solutions announces our latest addon Bulk Status Change.

From the View Orders page, you can now select orders and then change all selected orders to a selected status.

The Choose action link has been extended by adding a selector of order statuses.

When an order status is selected, the page will automatically submit and the selected orders will have their statuses changed to the selected status.

Documentation can be viewed at:

or in the Attachments area of the product detail page.

Product Details are at:

Price is $24.99

There is no modification to any standard distributed cs-cart file with this addon. So it should be completely upgrade independent.

wow very fast, is this work for vendor panel in multivendor too?

No idea on multi-vendor, I don’t have an MV license.

You can buy it and if it doesn’t work out for you, happy to refund (as with all our products).

An advantage of coming back from vacation… The queue is emptier than I’d like! :-)