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[color=#2d2d2d]We are proud to present you the launch of[/color][size=5][color=#2D2D2D] Automatic Cross-Selling[/color][/size][color=#2d2d2d] add-on for CS-Cart v4 editions. This add-on uses existing products data to automatically generate related items, up-sells and cross-sells for your entire catalog. When a store visitor views the details page of a certain product, he or she is offered other items as alternatives or in addition to the item on view.


[]Automatic on-the-fly generate related products, up-sells and cross-sells for the entire store

]Selectable related products list layout: Grid, List without options, Compact list

[]Fully customizable rules

]Related products by product name, by product search words, by product tags

[*]And many other…


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Cross-Sells and Upsells: What is the Diff?

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That means we no longer want to add one by one product for related products in product page ?

Seriously I want to upgrade my csc version.

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That means we no longer want to add one by one product for related products in product page ?

Seriously I want to upgrade my csc version.


Automatic Cross-Selling is an extremely flexible CS-Cart add-on which allows you to forget about outdated way of adding related products manually.

We are proud to announce that the Automatic Cross-Selling add-on for CS-Cart v 4 editions was updated.

Added the ability to list the related products also in separate blocks using the built-in blocks system. Different sets of rules for Tab listing and Block listing, ability to list different content.

More info: Automatic Cross-Selling v4

This addon is useless! Most of the time, the automatic features don't work at all. The creator's response to this is…use the tags option. This means that it's not automatic at all, since we have to create tags for thousands of products one by one. Any other option you use will yield meaningless results, not to mention page load for product pages drops down to 15-30 seconds on some instances. Asked for money back but was refused with a condescending tone. Save yourself the trouble and stay away from this company.

Dear novitas,

We are sorry hearing that you have problems with this add-on and considering it useless.

During our conversaion explained you how to set up, which option to select and use it if your store is running on a slow server and have a lot of products.

“…The creator's response to this is…use the tags option.”

Our complete phrase was: “To get the best and more appropiate results we suggest to use tags.”

Isn't our fault that your server can't make face on the big number of products you have, over 30000 as you told, this is why we suggested to select the tags from the available options.

The add-on follows the CS-Cart caching rules, the block or the tab is cached, on first run may take a bit time to build the cached files, but than will be loaded from cache as the other content in CS-Cart. This can not slow down the page load.

As you know, the add-on has been launched not long ago. And the main idea was to set up/define related products manually and using tags. We added also the product name feature, which may return more results, less relevant.

From the other cs-cart owners we are receiving countinuosly great feedbacks, the add-on is doing his job and does not slow down the product details page.

Also we are receiving great ideas how to improve the functions, make site owners life easier. In the next release will implement the received ideas, I can't promise that all will be added but the most usefull things will be! Also your ideas and requests will be added, which may solve your issue.

Till than we ask for patience and we are convinced that you will change your opinion.

Thank you.

“As you know, the add-on has been launched not long ago. And the main idea was to set up/define related products manually and using tags.” This is bs! The name of the add-on is “Automatic Cross-selling addon”. The key word here is automatic, and now you are saying things should be done manually. I wouldn't need your addon then. You also called people who want things to be done automatically, LAZY, in your email. Which is extremely disrespectful. If you advertise something in your product and it's not delivering, then you should issue a refund. My server is not slow. It's a dedicated server running Lightspeed with SSD drives. If you think that's slow then you are clueless. Everything is fast.

Regarding, contacting with ideas and requests…I did twice! You ignored my requests and ideas. I suggested that the automatic features may work as advertised, if you guys did the following. Using search words, or the product name, whichever options, make it so there is an option for “Match 3 or more search words”. That way it will be far more accurate and the results will be much faster. You can also add a batch processing, so that the function runs and updates the database with the Related Products. This doesn't need to be done every time the product page loads. Instead it will then read the already pre-processed list or whatever. It will be much faster.

If you can do something similar, then it will be truly automatic.

By the way, I would love to hear from anyone who has successfully used this plugin on their website, without manually entering tags. I seriously doubt anyone did.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Your ideas were forwarded to our development team from the beginning, after receiving them, we didn't ignored them, so not understand you…

From my previous post: “Also your ideas and requests will be added, which may solve your issue.”

The update developemet is in progress.

If this is the case, then you should issue a refund and then I will purchase the addon again, once the changes have been implemented and it's working as advertised.

I see that you guys updated the add-on and included my suggestions. I thank you for that. How do I get the updated version? Just re-download the addon from the file area?

Ok, now the accuracy of matched products works great! I put match 4 keywords and it brings exactly what it should. However the speed is still an issue when you have so many items. Without the addon, the product page loads in 1-2 seconds. With it enabled, it loads in 20-30 seconds.

I think the only way to speed this up would be to put an option inside the addon preferences to “BATCH PROCESS” the Related Products. It will run and create all the relations and store them in a field for each item. Then when you load the item page, instead of it running the intensive query, it will just pull those items from a list.

What do you think?

We are glad to announce that the Automatic Cross-Selling add-on for CS-Cart v 4 editions was updated.

Revamped the linking by product name and search words, linking by tags or manually left intact. Now the linking is searching in all of the words in product names or search words. Added the ability to define the minimum number of matches and if there are equal or more matches will return the products as related. By increasing or decreasing the number of matches can be refined the returned results, receiving more relevant products.

Read full list of changes:


Thank you for reporting your experiences, for faster processing please do it directly on our webpage. Unfortunately we are not receiving all notifications about the new posts in this topic.

The tab content is loaded in the fly, on too mutch products, e.g. over 20000 as you have, may cause speed issues as you are experiencing. The page load time is equal with a performed advanced search load time. On less products the speed issue does not appear in tabs, checked it with 5000 products.

The block content is cached, on first load the cs-cart engine builds the cached files, than should load at normal speed.

Disable the tab and display related products in a block, the block can be moved into the tab. Open our documentation included and scroll down to the bottom for more information.

The batch process is a good idea, but not returned any progress due to the technical limitations. On running it each product requires to be compared to each. This means in your case 20000 x 20000 = 400 million requests. Probably the hosting companies will not allow it.

Another solution may be to generate the related list on loading the product deatils page. Our developers are working on it and if the solution works will update the add-on with it.

I am using the block, not the tab. But I guess it makes sense that it will be slow with the amount of products I have.

I also understand the issue with the amount of requests it would take to generate the list. But if it's a CRON job of some sort, then it will all happen on the server right? Would that still be a problem?

We are proud to announce that the Automatic Cross-Selling add-on has been successfully ported to CS-Cart 4.2.x.

Update required from the previous version.

Learn more about it here.

We are glad to announce that the compatibility with CS-Cart v.4.2.3 was tested, update is not required from the previous version.

ThomH, how to use Automatic Cross-Selling add-on? Could you show me screenshots?

Dear miadiva,

On the product description page click on the thumbnail for more screenshots, also is in use on our webpage. See description bottom part.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us thru our webpage.Thank you.

We've purchased your addon, but it have a trojan virus program, we couldn't install it on our website. Сheck it please!

Don't worry, you got false positive, no malware in the source code, as we told you in our other direct communication,

you can verify it with eg. Kaspersky antivirus software.

BTW we found that the add-on was installed and in use on your site.

Don't hesitate to contact us thru our webpage if you have more questions.