Additional product tab


I need help creating a new product tab. I searched the forums and i can only find instructions on how to add a product tab via html blocks. It doesnt work for me since html blocks can’t access my smarty code: {$product.product_code}. I think what I need is to create a new file.tpl and add it as a tab.

thanks for the help!

im using 2.2.4

PS. or maybe someone has an idea how I can get this {$product.product_code} from an html block?

Are you wanting to add a news tab to the tabsbox on the product details page? If so, add your new tabsbox code to:


This works like a 'post' hook. I.e. if the file exists it will be appended to the tabsbox. Make sure you qualify the whole thing by placing it in an:

{if $product.}

tabsbox code here