Additional images dissapear after upgrade to 1.3.3


I have sucessfully upgraded from 1.3.2 - 1.3.3

and i noticed some of my products have missing additional images

any idea what causes this?

ex i have 1 main image and 3 additional images, after the upgrade,

i have 1 main image and 1 additional image, those 2 images i have from 1.3.2

are missing… any help would be appreciated


I haven’t checked all my stuff yet, but on a similar note, since the upgrade to 1.3.3 I can no longer put up multiple additional images at the same time. Like, I could add multiple additional images at the same time, click save changes and they would be there. But now it dumps all but the first of the multiple images I try to store at the same time. Sounds related sort of kind of to me…


Yes, This is another problem that i’ve too…

also after the upgrade, when mananing the product, it will not let you add anymore additional images to some (not all) products, I just couldn’t understand it