Additional Fee for Saturday Delivery

Can CS-Cart handle a Saturday up charge for delivery. Like it automatically adds an additional $6.95 if the orderer wants a Saturday Delivery?

CS-Cart does not allow a customer to specify a delivery date so there is no to automate charging for Saturday delivery.


So is there let’s say a way I can integrate Saturday delivery by, making it a “Tax” or something?

Not that I am aware of. You could set up a manual shipping method(s) to do what want but not with realtime.


I was interested in adding Saturday delivery myself. I really wish the system could take the zip code and pull Saturday delivery as an option, if available.

The bigger problem is, Saturday isn’t available for every customer because my courier, FedEx… doesn’t offer the service in some areas. So, if you allow customers to choose and then later find out FedEx doesn’t offer it… you’re in for a mess.

I was going to just use standard overnight, name it Saturday, and do a $10 up charge but it doesn’t fix the problem with people selecting it in areas where it isn’t available.