Adding Web-stat to 3.0.6 pages

I am trying to add some web-stat code to our web site. I am making a block and adding the code via the html link/box. What I paste into the box and what is saved is different. Is there some way to make the code stick, or is the part of the code that change due to the fact that it would cause problems with our CS-Cart web site?

Any suggestions on how to keep the code intact would be greatly appreciated. :grin:

We are using 3.0.6


Code I Paste

<img src=“”

style=“border:0px;” alt=“hit counter”>

Code As Saved by CS

hit counter

Are you using the HTML mode to paste this in?

Yes. I open the HTML Source Editor box and paste in the code. All looks good and then I click the Update box at the bottom of the box. When I reopen the HTML Source Editor the text is changed to what is shown in the second sample. Tried changing browsers to see if that would make any difference and I get the same results. Thanks.

Turn off the editor in settings.

Thank you Tool! That was the answer to my problems.