Adding Submenus items under Main Menu

Hello friends,

I am looking to add a set of sub menus underneath the Main Menus (above Search), different for every menu item, however I could not find a way.

I appreciate any help or hint to do so.

(My apologizes if this question has already been answered on this forum :slight_smile: )



If you are talking about the Top Menu tabs, you can do this in Design->Top menu by selecting the appropriate “Generate submenu” settings.


Thanks for that bob.

Actually I am looking for the layout as in this snapshot.

How could this be achieved.


You will ned to modify /skins/YOURSKIN/customer/top.tpl. You can add another div below the first and include what you want there:



{include file=“top_quick_links.tpl”}

{include file=“top_menu.tpl”}

add what you want here
[/COLOR][/B] ```


Thanks a lot Bob :slight_smile:

I really appreciate your help, I worked!.

Now I have a little problem. When ever I click on any subcategory (2nd level menu item) the top level menu item selection is not retained, how can I control it ?

Thanks again,


In Design/Top menu choose to edit parent menu.

In “Activate menu tab for” you have to write controler.mode (or only controler).

For example for catalog tab which have categories in submenu you have to fill with:

“categories.catalog, categories.view,, products.view”