Adding short description to grid_list

I am Struggling with This one. Hope someone have a clue:

Using CS-Cart Version 3.0.6. I have added a block which i manually filled with products. I am using the Products_Grid template and i edited the products_list.tpl file to modify the listing format. I’am trying to get the short description to show up for each product on the listing using:

<p>before{assign var="prod_descr" value="prod_descr_`$obj_id`"} {$smarty.capture.$prod_descr}after</p>
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But it does not show. Other templates like short list and product list has this smarty.capture.$prod_descr value available to use but not this one.<br />
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I have tried to track this value which is supposed to be in $products array, but no luck. I hope somebody has a clue?<br />
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Thanks in advanced!

I figured this one out… Description details do not show on the block 'grid_list' template because it was not being pulled out on the block schemas file…

on /schemas/block_manager/template.php the code:

'params' => array (
'extend' => array('description'),

needs to be added to the 'blocks/products/grid_list.tpl' schema format in order to extend the product data being pulled to the array.

No my only question left would be is there any way to do this without modifying the core code?, There are no hooks in this file.

Would be possible to create a new block template, list template and setup the schema addon using my_changes addon?

Just finished this. I added a new block and list template and added the schema and all these to the my_changes addon. Its working now. if anybody likes to get more details on how to create a new product listing template please let me know and i'll post more details…

Hi alebargut

Please do. This is very interesting.