Adding Recommend Product On Product Detail Page?


Happy New Year :)

I want to recommend product under product detail page for each product

like this


but it is not same recommend product on each product detail page, i want to show different recommend product on every each product detail page

How to make it?

If you want to do this manually, you can do it in the blocks section.

Create a product block and select content as manual. Then you can select which product your want to appear in that block.

I did but i can add product each product page, just available same product for every each product page

I want to make it like this

A product

A1 B1 C1

D1 E1 F1 → recommend product

G1 H1 I1

B product

A2 B2 C2

D2 E2 F2 → recommend product

G2 H2 I2

C product

A3 B3 C3

D3 E3 F3 → recommend product

G3 H3 I3