Adding Products To Orders

Hello All,

We have noticed when we create an order and use the quick search bar, it tends to show the disabled products first. The disabled products tend to be old/out of stock.

The only thing I can think is that it shows the products in order of Product ID (lowest at the top, highest at the bottom), as there doesn't seem to be any other pattern.

Is this correct, and is there a way I can rearrange the list to show active products first?



Anyone know how to do this please?


To exclude disabled items, please add after the following line

'area'           => 'A',

this code

'status'           => ['A'],


I’ve looked and there doesn’t seem to be a line with

‘area’ => ‘A’,

Is there another file I should look in? I’d like to only show Active and Hidden products in the quick search/add bar in the “Create order” page on the admin panel

What CS-Cart version do you use?

I have recently upgraded to v4.18.1

Looks like the code was moved to the fn_products_form_product_list_params function (app/functions/fn.products.php)

Thank you, that worked! Is there a way I can also show hidden products as well as active?

It should be something like:


Please try

'status' => ['A','H'],