Adding New Field In Cscart_Products Table Db

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I would like to ask about an issue I have.

I have added a new field in DB at cscart_products table, called avaliability

Now, I would like to change this value for more than one products!! So, I select the products I want and Edit selected, but in the pop-up there is not this new option I have added. So my question is how can I add this new option, in order to edit massive products at once?

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You can add your new field to views/products/global_update.tpl or use the products:global_update hook. This will apply the value to all products.

If you want to select which products to update, then you'll have to massage the m_update.tpl file (and related components) to get your field visible. You probably don't need to add any backend PHP support since you extended the products table, but you do need to use the proper html field name related to your new field.

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thank you for taking time to answer... I am not sure if I gave you to understand, or I don't... I have uploaded two images to help you out somehow.. Let's say I have picked up 20 products and want to Edit all these products together.. but there is not the new value of cscart_products I have inserted.

How could I add new field in the file you are saying (global_update.tpl)? thank you for your time



Hi Everyone!

I have an issue with options in CS-Cart. I was wondering if anybody can guide me in the right direction. The issue is with this product:

It is impossible for me to explain this issue through writing, so I created a quick screen recording. Here is a link to it in English:

and here is another link for those of you who speak Russian:

I look forward to hear from you. Thanks in advance!

It is development work and adjustments are needed to several different templates to account for your new field.