Adding localization problems


today I found in a post that you have to edit the config.local.php in order to enable localizations. I didn’t look into it up until this point, but now I decided I need it because I want different shipping costs/payment methods according to the country I am in.

a) I created custom top menus because I wanted to show different things depending on the language, which now don’t show at all and can’t find how to enable them. Maybe there’s a way to alter the DEFAULT top menu according to the localization?

B) I just enabled the localization and I have hundreds of products and tens of categories. Does this mean that I have to enter one by one product and enable localization? Isn’t there an easier way to do it?

c) Can you add blocks that rely on different localizations?

Thanks, hopefully someone can help me out, soonish… we are about to go live soon :confused: