adding images

how to add a image to the top and center of the page to the right of the logo and menu links?

im not sure that i can do it from customization mode…

is the template editor the only way to add images in these areas? if not, how else can i do it? and if so, which template to modify?

this has been resolved, thanks :slight_smile:

editing the top.tpl file in the template editor by putting the appropriate image tags/pic-link in the appropriate section of the document and also adding the appropriate css style attributes in styles.css got me where i need to be.

thanks again

due to a request, i decided to post more detail on this topic… here is the code with the changes made, and the style sheet is below it, and a picture of the results below that.

the code was verified with the w3c validator

top.tpl EDIT



{include file="top_quick_links.tpl"}

{include file="top_menu.tpl"}

{assign var="escaped_current_url" value=$config.current_url|escape:url}
{if !$auth.user_id}
{$user_info.firstname} {$user_info.lastname}
({include file="buttons/button.tpl" but_role="text" but_href="$index_script?dispatch=auth.logout&redirect_url=`$escaped_current_url`" but_text=$lang.sign_out})

{if $settings.General.secure_auth != "Y"}


{include file="views/auth/login_form.tpl" style="popup" form_name="login_popup_form" id="popup"}


{include file="common_templates/search.tpl"}

{include file="views/checkout/components/cart_status.tpl"}

{if $localizations|sizeof > 1}

{include file="common_templates/select_object.tpl" style="graphic" link_tpl=$config.current_url|fn_link_attach:"lc=" items=$localizations selected_id=$smarty.const.CART_LOCALIZATION display_icons=false key_name="localization" text=$lang.localization}

{if $languages|sizeof > 1}
{include file="common_templates/select_object.tpl" style="graphic" link_tpl=$config.current_url|fn_link_attach:"sl=" items=$languages selected_id=$smarty.const.CART_LANGUAGE display_icons=true key_name="name" language_var_name="sl"}


{if $currencies|sizeof > 1}

{include file="common_templates/select_object.tpl" style="graphic" link_tpl=$config.current_url|fn_link_attach:"currency=" items=$currencies selected_id=$secondary_currency display_icons=false key_name="description"}



```php img.float-left{
float: left;
} ```


mistachy. Thanks for taking the time to post this info. Its helped me out.