Adding Images to Homepage

Can anyone please explain the best way to add 3 images to the homepage so they appear in a row

below the banner. I have attached a screenshot of what Im attempting to do. The images would be clickable.



3 images below.jpg


  1. Create 3 images banners on Website > Banners
  2. Go to Design > Blocks > Homepage

  3. Create 3 grids bellow big slider, in my ex: GRID 5, GRID 6, GRID5 i am using 16 columns grid, if you are using 12 columns grid you can create GRID 4, GRID4, GRID4

  4. in each grid you add Banner Block, and you add manual the banner created on step 1

    I hope that helps,


Hi Valentin,

THANKS again for the fast reply, and your clean simple instructions. Works perfectly. Your help is MUCH appreciated.

bart :mrgreen:

You're welcome

I am guessing these instructions no longer work in v4.1.5 ultimate ???

as I do NOT have website/banners option ??

please advise new method

Thanks !