Adding gift certificates to category listings

There’s an older threat on this, which I just realized is in the wrong place to get a reply.


Basically, I want to add Gift Certificates to my sidebar category listing – it would be a bonus to list under the main column listing as well.



Hello John,

Please contact us via Customer Help Desk.

CS-Cart support team

Anastasiya Kozlova

I just got thsi to work with 2.2;

In my case, i neede to change the skins/YOUR_SKIN/customer/blocks/catergories_text_links.tpl - below the for loop add

{if $addons.gift_certificates.status == 'A'}

  • {$lang.gift_certificates}

  • {/if}

    You may need to change this under skins/YOUR_SKIN/customer/views/catergories/components/menu_items.tpl to get it to work with your set-up.

    Hope that helps anyone else who falls upon this post too,



    Thanks EnyUs, that works. Only thing to note is depends on how your menu block is setup, the actual template might be different. For my site it is using “categories_emenu.tpl”

    Find yours by going to

    Admin->Design->Blocks->left column

    and seeing what the appearance is. Mine says Appearance:[color=#000000][font=Tahoma, Arial, Verdana,] blocks/categories_emenu.tpl[/font][/color]