Adding Features to Products in 2.2.3

I'm adding a new product in my cart that is now on 2.2.3 and I'm trying to add features. The features I am adding are text features (brands). I'm just curious why CS-Cart decided to go to this new way of choosing the features for the products? It used to be really simple. Just a pull down and you could add a feature right there. Now it is the funky dropdown thing and there is no way to add a feature directly from the product page.

Also, there is no order to the features. I'd expect them to be in the same order as the features page, but no, they aren't. They are just random.

I guess I don't really have much of a question, but I am wondering if anyone else has the same issues with this or if it is just me.



I can't quite figure out what you are trying to do here. Everything seems to work about the same for us on 2.2.3. The only thing I haven't figured out yet is where the UPC is supposed to be in this release. I thought they were “fixing” that.

I'm not sure Jim. All I know is that now some of my features come up as popup/scroll things.

Here is how it looks when I first pull up the product page:


When I click on the link, I have to scroll through the brands like this:


That wouldn't be so bad if they were in any kind of order. Obviously it would be nice if they were in alphabetical order.

This is for 2.2.3 Pro. Not sure if that matters.





It looks the same as all of mine except mine doesn't say “search” at the top. I am using 2.2.3 Pro too. But this is the same it has looked since at least 2.1.4. I didn't use the features before then.

When I want them to be in a particular order I just set them up as such in the “Products>>Features” area. When I put in the variants I just put a different number on each and it works. Likewise, when I have a “0” in each of the “pos” it automatically puts it in alpha. Do you maybe have some numbers in the position field and it is putting it in a strange order?

With the 9 different feeds and then general info like UPC, ISBN, etc. I have created 35 different “features” so far. Most of which are hidden and only for the purpose of uploading a feed to a shopping comparison site. For example, when the comparison site wants me to put their category or maybe the MPN. I am guessing all the features may be one of the reasons that 2.2.3 will start to choke on you when you try to bulk edit them. But I use the drop down window on all of them and just never thought about it.

Don't the variants have “Position” elements? If so, it will sort first by position, then it should go alphabetical. If not, you should report it as a bug.

I have all of my positions as 0 so I'm thinking this is a bug somewhere. It is funny though, it works fine on the customer side and in the actual features thing in the admin, but for some reason it doesn't work correctly on the product page.

Thanks for the advise guys, I guess off to the bug tracker I go.


Yep you can choose the position per feature in products - features - edit - variants

brandon is correct. You have to have more than a few features in the drop-down before it changes to an active drop-down. Also,it is absolutely not in alphabetical order, and its silly that i would have to number the position for hundres of features.

I am suffering form this problem as well! I see that the CS team is just trying to prevent large db queries when lots of features are present. However, that fact that i can no longer enter new features through the drop-down box is crippling on time consumption. Also, it abbreviates long feature names making it next to impossible to find what you're looking for in a long list (which is when it pops up).

This update came at a great time (scowl) given that the only method CScart has given us for dealing with google export options is to manually select a category out of thousands of different categories.

I would really like to know how to turn this fancy jquery selectbox OFF. I NEED the old box back.