Adding Featured Products to other pages outside CS-Cart

What is the best way to add featured products to other pages outside of CS-Cart? Like product_features.tpl Or course I would need all PHP page as the database connection stuff in an include file.

Can anyone tell me how I might do this

Anyone done this?

Don’t understand ‘outside of cs-cart’. Inside, outside, theres a difference? Shouldn’t the code work wherever you put it?

Sorry I’m not clear.

I have two applications cs-cart and a links directory application that make up a site. I would like to return one or more products, maybe the featured products from cs-cart on the pages within the links directory application.



So to do this I would need to use a custom include page with pieces of cs-cart that would retrieve the products. My question is that files within cs-cart are necessary to do this.

Does that make sense?

You want to know which files and exactly which lines of code you need to copy a feature/functionality which exists in, for example, product_features.tpl, and put them into another page?

I dunno, I’m a CS-cart newbie. Heres a cookie 'till someone who knows answers :D.