adding discount coupons

Wow this new version has a little learning curve, doesn’t it? :shock:

I am trying to add a discount coupon, which is 35% off, for the people I work with at my “day” job. I am confused with the new setup in promotions for doing this. Once I go to Products > Promotions > Add Cart Promotions & enter General info, I go to the Conditions tab > Add Condition. I select Coupon Code & am not sure what to do from that point on.

Not sure what the “equal”, “contains” & “in” are for or what they mean nor what to enter in the space next to it. Same with the Bonus tab - what’s the difference between the “to” & “by” options?

Thanks in advance,

New CS-Cart Dork

“equals” is an exact match of the coupon code and “in” should probably be “contains”.

“to” means “set the price to” and “by” means “adjust the price by”.

coupon code

equal “brennies made up code in here”

Then go into bounses tab

add bonus

Then choose

By percentage of original price

= 35%

You may need to add a further condition at the step 2 for just the items or categories you want to apply this promo only to. (or items not in certain categories is usually easier).

i.e. add condition

products not in or categories not in etc etc


Makes perfect sense, thanks to you both!