Adding Custom Fields To Orders.


I've added a new field into the Contact Infomation section in Profile fields.

This is so the customer can have an account number on their profile.

Would somebody be able to explain where I can display this in the order details in the control panel and also to have it displayed on the order confirmation email.

I'm using dreamweaver and it doesn't seem to search the tpl files, so I can't see where I would add this.

Manyt thanks.


To display it on order details, additional changes in the corresponding templates are required

To display it in e-mails, please use the following variabe

{{ u.c_fields.XX.value }}

where XX - is the profile ID (can be found in the admin panel)


I've tried updating this in Administration > Notifications > Administrator notifications > Order status changed to Paid

I've added AC {{ }} in the email template.

I changed the order status to paid, but all I get in the email is AC without the number being printed.

Screenshots attached.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Try to use profile field ID as mentioned in my post

Thanks, the ID of the field is 36, I have tried all the below combinations and i've cleared cache, but they call come out blank, just with the AC text.

AC {{ }}

AC {{}}

AC {{ u.c_fields.XX.36 }}

AC {{ u.c_fields.36.value }}

Try to contact support team. It should work