Adding Category Description/Image to Homepage

Hey everyone,

Hope everyone’s doing great.

Just wondering if anyone out there has had much luck in adding the category descriptions/images to a categories block on the homepage?

One of the projects that I’am working on requires that I create a 2 by 2 grid square with an image and a short description for each category box in the grid.

I thought it might be a very straight forward process but I’am struggling to figure out where exactly to add the additional content, so that it’s available in the Smarty template without doing too much of a hack job.

I saw that one of the guys on here had a free category description addon but he’s website seems to be down.

Any ideas, pointers? Any other addons that I might be able to use as a platform to leap off?


  • Kreatific

Yes I need the same thing, need to be able to show the Category description in multicolumns.tpl

Many other posts on this forum regaring this, but no answers yet.

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