Adding and edeting orders

Hi every one

I’m having a problem since the last update maybe someone can help me with, i have contacted the help desk but they are not being very helpful despite there online labs demo witch is ruing the latest version is giving me the same error.

When i put on order on the admin panel and get to the end where it says “Save” and “Save and make payment” if you click on the “Save and make payment” it creates the order and charges there card if there card details are present, if a press on “Save” it all so creates the order and charges there card if there card details are present when its only meant to create the order. Its the same thing if i edit an order and get to the and a press just the save button it will charge the card if there card details are present even tho i only pressed the saved button and not the save and make payment button. If there is no card details present and i press save it comes up with errors.

What the help desk did was tried to check for this bug with the offline card payment witch is obviously not going to give them this error. I’m using sage pay direct card payment, but this bug is on all the direct from your store card payments.

Has any one run in to this problem? Please help.

Hi projectmyst,

It seems one of our clients who has just upgraded to the latest version of CS-Cart (2.2.4) is also having the same / similar issue. As they do not store card details, when the click just the “Save” button they are being taken to PayPal to make a payment. So it seems like the same issue.

Hopefully CS-Cart will pick this one up.

Hi projectmyst,

I added this to the bug tracker and it was confirmed as a bug and scheduled to be fixed in the next version of CS-Cart, until then they posted the code fix which can be seen at: