Adding an Exception...... vers 2.14

I created Global options for a product. Sizes and widths.

Did a “Rebuild combinations” and all combinations appear in a dropdown box. Nice.

I want to make an “Exception” for 1 particular size" in only 1 particular width.

Don’t know how.

I was told to click on that product, Click on the “Exceptions” link in the “Options” tab, and add exceptions. How?

Problem is that the is no “Add Exceptions” button. When I click on the “Exceptions” link, I only see a “Add Combinations” button. No “Add Exceptions” button.

Please help! Thanks.

Sorry, figured it out. You have to click on Options/ Exceptions and then click on Add combination (I expected it to say “Add Exceptions”). Pick your exceptions and hit save.

It will now show the exceptions you created. Would be nice if the button had said “Add exception” rather than “Add combination”. Oh well. Thank you.

Add Exception would be far more intuitive.