Adding a CSV list of manufacturers in DB


I have a long list of manufacturers in a CSV file, I would like to insert them in phpMyAdmin using a SQL query. Can somebody please help me with this?

You can do an import into cscart_manufacturer_descriptions. There are seven fields including the manufacturer_id keyfield. You should also look at cscart_manufacturers which includes their url, availability setting, and position.

I’m not very familiar with SQL commands, can you please give me an example on how you’d insert that? I tried to do that but it messed up my DB and I had to reinstall everything.


Here’s are sample insert statements:

[HTML]INSERT INTO cscart_manufacturers (manufacturer_id,avail,position) VALUES (‘1’, ‘Y’, ‘0’);

INSERT INTO cscart_manufacturer_descriptions (manufacturer_id,manufacturer,description,page_title,meta_keywords,meta_description,lang_code) VALUES (‘1’, ‘A.T. CROSS COMPANY’, ‘3’, ‘CROSS Page’, ‘A.T. CROSS COMPANY;CRO;’, ‘A.T. CROSS COMPANY’, ‘EN’);[/HTML]



[COLOR=black]~ You require 2 sql statements for each manufacturer[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]~ the manufacturer_id value MUST match in both statements[/COLOR]


I was able to insert my manufacturer’s list in the database but they don’t show anywhere in 2.0 RC… There is no add on for Manufacturer. Does anybody know this is handled in Cs-cart 2.0 and how I can show the manufacturer’s list?