Adding a buy One get One 50% off Promotion

Hi all,

I’m at a loss for how to add what should be a relatively simple promotion. Any help here would be appreciated :smiley:

The promotion details

buy any one item, and get any other one item (of equal or lesser value) at 50% off. Any items after that are at full price again.

I know there must be a simple way to add this, I’m sure you CS-Cart gurus have figured out promotions far sneakier than this by now :wink:

Thanks in advance for your time and insight, I’ll look forward to reading your responses!

Does anybody know how this can be done, I believe the client has gone ahead and put this promotion into print (without our go-ahead), meaning we need to effect a solution to this as soon as possible :frowning:

Has anybody implemented this sort of promotion in their CS-Cart installation in the past who could explain how it can be done?

Much, much thanks and appreciation to anybody who replies, we’re really in a rough spot right now with the cart already built and deployed on their site…