Adding a block to the root catalog template

hi all,

I’m currently in the process of building my first cs-cart store and have nearly finished :slight_smile:

One of the few remaining steps I need to complete is to be able to add a “Recently added products” block to the catalog root template.

By adding this block to the categories page (under Design → Blocks → Categories), the “recently added products” block only comes up under the top level categories.

When visitors enter the site, after an initial intro, the catalog root is displayed in the centre column. I would like to have visitors see the new products added as well as the ability to click through the top level categories.

Hopefully I’ve explained myself clearly :wink:

Any help is greatly appreciated :smiley:



By default the catalog page does not inherit the categories block layout. This seems to be something that the cs cart team overlooked when assign block layouts to pages.

To fix this follow the instructions in this thread: Forum Post

thanks adodric - much appreciated - will incorporate it today :smiley: