Add "You are Here:" to breadcrumbs


What is the best way to add a custom text like “You are Here:” before breadcrumbs.

I want breadcrumbs to look like this

You are Here: Home > Computers

Instead of just:

Home > Computers


Edit the following file:


Replace contents with:


{if $breadcrumbs && $breadcrumbs|@sizeof > 1}

You are Here: 
{foreach from=$breadcrumbs item="bc" name="bcn" key="key"}
{if $key != "0"}
{if $}


Save then clear your site cache, via - ie. add "?cc" to the end of your admin URL.

Note I very much doubt there will be any further releases in V2 nor V3, under normal conditions where future updates are expected, this file would be replaced during the upgrade, so you would have to reapply your changes as there is no Breadcrumbs hook. In saying that...

You could create your own template, in:-


Name the file my_breadcrumbs.tpl or similar, but must end in ".tpl", use the code as above then you can create a new block and select your new custom template file to replace the current Breadcrumbs block. This should be future proof - but as I said, don't hold your breath for another V2/V3 release.

Also you can try to translate this 'Home' to 'You are Here: Home'

[quote name='cscartrocks' timestamp='1371649034' post='163977']

Also you can try to translate this 'Home' to 'You are Here: Home'


I thought that would do it, too, but changing the language variable value would make the entire “You are Here: Home” the href link to the “Home” page.