Add Upc Code Field

Hello i currently use

product code field for my model #

how can i add a ups field right below so i cna enter both for the product

i need the upc code for Google base

Without doing any hacking you will need to set UPC up as a feature.

For most merchants, a Product feature is best. You could make changes in the my_changes addon (or create a new one) that will make it appear that the field is part of the products table. I.e. it would be retrieved from all parts of the system where the product data is retrieved. However, describing the details of how to do that is outside the scope of this forum.

So as Tool suggested, the best approach for most merchants is to use a Product Feature. But note that you will have to hack the google base csv code to make it include it. Or, you can buy our XML Data Feeds addon that takes care of all of that for you witout modification to core files. You can get details at


Documentation is in the Attachments arrea.

i meant i need to add a upc code field

i already have your xml data feed on my site it works great but google base keeps on asking for upc code it says upc code not valid

If you have a UPC product feature and have the addon set to use it then Google Base will be fine.

The latest version 2.1.15 released on 1/31/10 fixes an issue where if the product feature was an integer it would return and empty value. For sorting of features, seems the keep a ‘value’ and ‘value_int’. and the addon was only retrieving the ‘value’ Now it grabs both and if ‘value_int’ is empty it uses ‘value’.

So you shouldn’t need to add it to the products table. You can make the feature Hidden so it’s not visible to customers.

I dont think you need a upc code if you dont use it, just remove that for the export categories before you export. Google will then not read it.


In most cases, Google wants it. While it genrates only a warning, you’ll get a warning on every product.

UPC is only required for products that use them, like isbn numbers for books and stuff.

I dont know if it is different in the US but they are optional here.

It depends what your selling if you dont have em just dont set the upc code as a column and you will be fine. I have 7500 products and data quality is marked as good and searching them on google shop they come up fine