Add To Cart Popup, Disappears Within 7 Seconds

Hi there,

In cs-cart multi-vendor, when someone clicks on “Add to cart” button on any product page, then he gets an info popup which states 2 options of viewing the cart and checkout. But what happens is that it disappears within 7 seconds and from the point of a user, he might click on Add to cart again for seeing the popup again and thus might cause trouble to him when he will see 2 products already added in the cart and he might leave the store.

It would be great if the popup could be static and doesn't get disappeared unless someone clicks on the close or clicks on some other part of the pop-up.

Thus how can someone achieve this functionality so that it remains static permanently.

You can find this setting Notice displaying time (to turn off the autohide function enter 0) under Settings: Appearance

Thanks for this tip. I did never paid attention to it and it's great to be able to modifiy this settings.