Add to Cart Button in grid list

Hi there guys,

I have a small problem, I cant find the hide/unhide add to cart button option in the grid list of products in Version 3.

In v2 we had that in the blocks under more details, but know I cant find it. Is it somewhere or its gone?

I opened the grid_list.tpl in blocks and saw this

{if $ == "Y"}
{assign var="_show_add_to_cart" value=false}
{assign var="_show_add_to_cart" value=true}

so there must be somewhere this option still…

Any help is welcome


It is under the block settings for your block. You can see it at:



I hope that helps,




Is there any way to turn the “add to cart button” on/off for the category grid view? I've been clicking for some time now, but can't find a simular setting in the shop.

Many thanks.



change to true


Thank you very much.