Add to cart 2.1.4

Sorry been busy but the problem was the cart did not show any cart or add to cart buttons so we went in to see and we checked the catalog mode in addons, unchecked it and all is there


That is what is love. Maybe other users have the same problem. Why you dont let the questions and answer it byself what was the solution?

Ah yes let me do now

[quote name=‘flasher’]Ah yes let me do now[/QUOTE]

you are cheating people …

Using google cache his original problem was as follows

“I am testing 2.1.4 or latest version and added product with price description ect but no add to cart button shows up or even a mini cart button or anything to do with purchase”

I know net time we will leave up but need help with another issue listed about pictures or image instad of add to cart original