Add This Button??Hell

Hello all

I’ve added the ‘Add This’ button to my website via ‘mainbox.tpl’, but when I add an ‘Add’, I end up with more than one ‘Add This’ button on my home page.

Is it possible to stop the ‘Add This’ button appearing on my Ads?

Here is the code for my mainbox.tpl file:

{* $Id: mainbox.tpl 3725 2007-08-22 13:26:13Z seva $ *}

{if $anchor}


{if $current_location == $https_location}



{$title|escape:html|default:" "}

{$content|default:" "}

OK, I’ll bump this one a little bit.

Does anyone know the best way to add the ‘Add This’ button to all pages including product pages?

Thanks :?