Add text/link to price display

I’ve searched. If the answer is already on the board, please direct me to the proper post.

I am trying to figure out if there is an easy way to add text/link to the price everywhere the price is displayed (category, product page, blocks, recently viewed, etc).

What I want it to show is something along the following (it can even be a graphic image):

Default display of price (on product page):

List price: $627.00


You save: $137.85 (22%)

What I want:

List price: $627.00

$489.15 [size=2][sup]*[/sup][/size][size=2][sup]Cash Price[/sup][/size]

You save: $137.85 (22%)

Where the Cash Price is a link to an explanation popup.

I can do the coding, I just need to figure out WHERE to do the coding so it will be displayed everywhere a price is displayed.

Ideally, I’d like to do the coding in a my_changes location so future upgrades won’t write over it and I’ll have to re-code it every time an update is made.

Can anybody give me help on figuring out where to code this in?

Thanks in advance for any help.




You can find the proper hook to use for my_changes addon.