Add Product Not Working!

I have been having trouble adding images. First our images were not automatically generating to our categories page… we went in and deleted them and readded them, we then had to manually create a template and upload the images…

ALL THAT TO BE SAID… now when my vendors go to add a product, or I try to add a product manually as the admin, it will not let me, the images are not uploading and when I push the create or the create and close button… nothing happens… it will not create the product!?

is this a bug? or something i did?! Any suggestions would be great. This glitch is getting in the way of go live date.

Permission problem.

Images > detailed all files and folders should be 777

Images > thumbnails all files and folders should be 777

In config.local.php new files and folders are created with wrong permission most likely

var directory is also used for uploading images. Please check right permissions here:

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation