Add Product Filters to Product Features Page

Does anyone know how I can add a Product Filters block to a Product Features page?

For example: I need to have a page for a specific brand of products but also allow the customer to filter that brand by the different available features/filters I offer just like I can do on category pages.

I think you can just add a filter block to pages and it should appear.

Really? I'll give it a try but I don't want them showing up on every page.

Ok… I figured out that now how can I display the Image for each Feature Variant. I dont see it returned in the array. Any idea if there is a funciton like fn_url that allows me to get the image of feature variant?

Weird. I thought I figured it out but I was wrong :(

Does anyone know how I can add Product Filters to the Product Features page? I still haven’t been able to accomplish this with the blocks as flow suggested. I’m hoping someone else might have a clue.