Add product features to "add product"

I’m trying to add the Product Features fields to the main “Add product” form.

I tried inserting this to update.tpl

{include file="views/products/components/product_assign_features.tpl" product_features=$product_data.product_features}

It will only work once you re-open a saved product. It wont work with a fresh "add product" mainly because it needs product data.

so my question is, is there any way to do this? Or is it a bad idea? I just need to make sure the Product Features are also updated so i wanted to include it in the main add product form.

Or is there other solutions to make sure Product Features are updated?


Any reason you don’t just use the Product features tab in the Admin Product Detail page?

i do use that. however, it’s our vendors that are not updating the features tab. That’s why i’m trying to find a way to ensure that the other admins are updating features for every product they add.

Not sure you will ever get enforcement of rules for this type of thing. I understand now what you’re trying to do and why. Unfortunately, modifying the "General’ tab requires direct template modification and you will probably need to determine all the ID’s before passing them to the template.

Or…is there a way to redirect to “features” tab after adding the product?

So after the admin clicks on “create” or “save” button, the page will refresh and open the features section.

Change product url on save to be: ?dispatch=products.update&product_id=38746&selected_section=features

or set that as the “return_url” in the form.

thanks! im close but not quite there yet…i can’t seem to find where to make that change. I tried to change active tab to “features”:


it works, however, the tab defaults to “features” even when i just try to make an edit.

You suggestion makes sense to modify the return_url upon save or something, but i can’t find exactly what i need to change. Is it somewhere in the update.tpl file?


MVE 2.1.2

I don’t know. I’m trying to tell you a strategy that “might” or “should” work. But I can’t do the actual work to tell you… No time.