Add permission types to usergroups?!

Hello guys and gals,

I’m all new here so please forgive me if this has been asked and answered already.

What I would like to do is create a new admin menu item, basically a copy of view orders, excluding certain details… For example the guys in the shipping department don’t need to see the billing info or customer charges, and the guys in accounts don’t need to see the shipping info etc.

I need to modify the admin section to include a new permission privileged group(as per the above example), lets call it orders_accounts_department and orders_shipping_department… Each obviously makes the relevant modified view orders show if the logged in user has the relevant permission assigned.

That is the basics of what I’m trying/wanting to do…

Could someone point me in the right direction please, or if something like this has already been done before - please share :wink:

I fail to understand (maybe I just need some holiday time or something) how to extend the user groups permission functions - how is this implemented and how would one extend on this?

Is there an easy way to eliminate certain order details based on user/usergroup… Suggestions or examples please?!

Thanks for your time guys and gals.

Pointer is to investiage how the system uses the Administrators group and how it establishes various permissions.

You can “filter” your info at the controller level (php code) (recommended) or you can develop your own template variations that look at the group and do their own filtering (not recommended).

I would make an addons/my_changes/controllers/admin/ and remove the data you don’t want passed to the template from there. Note that you will have to read the current variables from the template and then write back a new set with the data you want to be revealed.

Thank you for the response, sorry to only get back to you now - I was off on a few days leave :slight_smile:

That makes sense… My problem, or rather where I’m getting hung up is in adding another ‘permission type’ and the utilization of the implemented authorization/permission system.

Help here please?!:confused:

You’ll have to read the code or hire someone who can to see how to add a new restriction to the list. It’s probably just an update to a schema somewhere and/or an entry in a table. But it will require someone to spend the time to do that for you.