Add Page To Quick Links

How do i set up a text page which is linked from a QUICK LINK at the bottom of the home page, for example i have a quick link called About our Company which i need to add some text informing the customer about my company. Where do i add the text?

Website::Content menu in the admin panel.

Thanks Nairda.

How do i add a new quick link title with a link to a text page?

Go to Design::Menus

Hover over Quick Links, click the cog dropdown and choose Manage items.

Click the + to add a new item.

Click page under Generate sub menu and choose the page you want to link to (page created under Website::Content menu)

Check Use the “Link text” and “URL” values from this item in the storefront

That should do it.

I have Cs 3, when i hover over Quick Links no drop down appears, any ideas?

Sorry. Presumed you were on the latest version. I haven't used 3 for ages so I can't remember how it's done with that version.

In V3


Quick Links - click Manage Items link then click Add Item button to add a new page to Quick Links.

Ok thanks for the info i can see how it works now.

My next question is where do i create a page with text that the new quick link links too?

Website>Content>Add Page